With over 200,000 members and hundreds of chapters worldwide, BNI offers a unique opportunity to grow your business.  


The Chapter

Everything starts here.  Because each chapter only takes one person from each profession, you are not competing within your own field for a referral.  But referrals don't come simply by showing up.  They come by building relationships within your chapter.  Our chapter meets once a week but that is only the beginning.  The real relationship building comes from the time we spend together outside of the weekly meeting.

One to Ones

Our chapter has set a goal that each chapter member meets with another chapter member each week.  These one to one meetings give each of us the opportunity to get to know each other and build a deeper relationship in order to generate better referrals.  Learn more about one to ones here. 

beyond our chapter

The networking does not stop at our chapter.  Because each chapter is unique there are always opportunities to meet members of other chapters not only in Anne Arundel County, but throughout Maryland and even worldwide.  BNI members feel a loyalty to other members and often turn to BNI resources to find professionals outside of their area.

“Networking is more about “farming” than it is “hunting.” It’s about cultivating relationships.”
— Dr. Ivan Misner, BNI

Added benefits to joining BNI

  • Hone Your Speaking Skills - Each week you will give a short one minute presentation about your business and the best referrals for you.  But you will also periodically have the opportunity to give a 10 minute presentation about your business.  
  • Learn about other businesses in your area.  As small business owners we often find it difficult to get outside our own business.  BNI offers us the opportunities to learn about other businesses in our area.
  • Make new friends - We are not just building business relationships.  We are building friendships.
  • Joint ventures - While our main goal is to help each other through referrals, it is not unusual for members to team up for events, presentations and promotions.
  • Learn more about networking - Networking is not rocket science but it isn't second nature either.  Each week you will learn tips and tricks from other members on how to better network your business.
  • Find additional networking opportunities - Our members are very active in the community and will often share the upcoming networking opportunities with the chapter.