Terence Davis

Prompt Services


Prompt Service Inc. has been in business since 1994.  Since that time their core values have set them apart from other contracting companies. Prompt Service has a firm commitment to uncompromising customer satisfaction.

Their Mission

Prompt's mission is to determine and implement the right construction solution for each of their residential and commercial customers. They provide prompt and and friendly service using the highest level of craftsmanship and skill

To ensure they meet these standards, Prompt:

  • Buys quality materials at volume price
  • Invests in the best equipment and technologies
  • Refine the installation with every job
  • Commits to doing the job right the first time 
  • Is available, on call 24 hours., 7 days a week 

The Prompt Team 

Prompts  associates are skilled, hard working and friendly. They strive for customer satisfaction every time. The Prompt onsite foremen are experienced at dealing with all projects from the smallest to the largest.  At Prompt, every job is monitored by their corporate team to ensure the quality of the work as well as to monitor the safety of their team. Prompt believes in giving their customers a specific time frame in which to expect their job to be completed. and they scale their crew to match the project

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