Networking Resources


Presenting Your Business Through Yourself

We all have an idea how we should present ourselves to our potential clients, new clients and clients who have done business with us for many years. Whether we are trying to do business with someone new or not, we should always carry ourselves in a manner that makes them feel comfortable around us. We want them to trust that we will deliver and get the job done well. We should look at members in BNI®, those in our networking circles and those outside of our group, and adhere to those same expectations. Read More


Achieve Business and Networking Success Through Upcoming Webinars


To kick off the series on Tuesday, January 24, 2017, at 9 a.m. ET, BNI CEO Graham Weihmiller will share with us the 10 1/2 Ways to Make Your Business Really Successful in 2017. How can you make your team, your clients and yourself more productive and happier than ever in 2017? Graham will dive in, and show us 10 (and a half) ways that 2017 can, and should be your company’s best year ever. Read more.