How Social Media Helps Small Businesses

Written by Ann Brennan - Ann's Social Media & Marketing

Social media is a great source for every business but I believe it is even more important for the small business owner.  Small business owners cannot afford the big budget television and newspaper ads that larger businesses can.  But they can reach people in their target market for very little cost.

As you begin to think about what that means for your business I offer 5 ways social media can help your small business.

Social Media Marketing For Small Businesses

  1. Core Values - Branding is important.  You want to make sure people recognize your logo and your colors. However you can go a step further with social media marketing by making core values a part of your branding.  What makes you stand out from the competition? Why should people pick you over the guy down the road?  A great example of this is chapter member Tony Ferrer at Warriors of Grace. Warriors of Grace is a faith based karate school with a focus on helping students develop their character through karate.  We are able to use his social media platforms to get that message across and attract new members.
  2. Reach More People More Often - The old adage goes that it takes 6-8 exposures to a potential client or customer before they will buy from you.  This still holds true but social media gives you an opportunity to get in front of potential customers over and over again for not very much money at all.
  3. Find Out What Your Customers Want -  Building a community around your brand is a wonderful advantage to social media.  Runners will flock to a running store's website.  But more important even than having more people visit your website, this affords you the opportunity to find out what your community really likes.  A great example of this was a local running store that hosted two group runs a week. But the attendance was spotty with sometimes 2 people showing up and sometimes 10.  Through a social media campaign the store posted about an upcoming FREE yoga event they were hosting and over 100 people showed up to the event.  From this the store was able to learn that runners do like to run but they also like to do other sports to compliment the running.  They created an entire series of events based on this desire and were able to create 100+ attendance at dozens of events over the year. 
  4. Bring potential clients further into the sales funnel - With very few exceptions Facebook is not where you make sales.  It is however an avenue for driving potential clients further into the sales funnel, sending them to your website to create more traffic or having them actually pull the handle of your front door to see what you really have to offer.
  5. It's Still New - As a social media consultant it makes me sad how few people are taking advantage of digital marketing.  But, for a small business owner this is an incredible opportunity.  When you really take social media in hand you are head and shoulders above your competition.  You can create a presence they have only dabbled in. 

To learn more about social media marketing and how to create a campaign for your small business without spending a fortune visit Ann's website or call her at 443-852-5274.