Networking: It's Not Rocket Science

When you picture yourself networking what does it look like?  Are you juggling a wine glass, a plate and your business cards?  Are you nodding along to someone's voice but have no idea what they are talking about?  Are you counting the minutes until it is time to leave? 

Networking doesn't have to be that way.

There is an easy way to make networking actually work for you. There is an effective way to network without feeling like you are spinning your wheels.

The Power of BNI

BNI is a networking organization with chapters all over the world.  Chapters meet each week to have lunch or breakfast together in an organized setting.  No more juggling your plate and wine glass.

Members do share information about their businesses but they also listen.  They live by the motto, "Givers Gain."  BNI members understand that by looking for referrals each week for other BNI members they are creating relationships that work for all members. No more listening to someone drone on and on about their business.  Instead everybody has the opportunity to share their business in turn and we all listen because we know that will help each of us. We all become a sales force for the other members of our group.

More importantly though, BNI Members become friends, they build relationships and they connect in a way you can't at the occasional happy hour. And because you create relationships you look forward to weekly meeting.  Members of BNI Millersville have been known to call Wednesdays the best day of the week.

Finally, because we are all busy with our businesses, BNI understands that your time is valuable. That's why we stick to an agenda, always arriving on time and always being done on time.

Networking is an important part of any business but if it is the thing you most dread, it is probably not working for you.  Give our chapter a try.  Register to have lunch with us Wednesday at 11:30 at Libations in Millersville.

Contributed by Ann Brennan. Ann is the Social Media Coordinator for BNI Millersville.  She is also the CEO of Ann's Social Media & Marketing. One of the services she offers as a social media specialist is content writing.  Contact Ann here.