Jaron Rice

Magothy Payments

Magothy Payments believes that relationships are greater than transactions. Magothy is Maryland's highest-rated merchant services provider, they are proud of to announce a 98% customer retention rate.  Amazingly, they have managed this with no long-term contracts and no cancellation fees.

Magothy's clients value the relationship they build with Jaron and his team because not only does Magothy save their clients tremendous amounts of money, but they educate them about the industry, they offer stellar customer service, and going above and beyond to help their businesses flourish. Jaron is even working with the State Senate to eliminate cancellation fees for small businesses statewide. 

Magothy's Services Include:

  • Credit / Debit Card Processing
  • Customer Loyalty Programs
  • American Express OptBlue
  • QuickBooks® Integration
  • Point-of-Sale Solutions
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Zero-Cost Credit™
  • Intelligent Rate™
  • Gift Cards

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